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About Association - The World Association of Egyptian Obediences

About Association

The World Association of Egyptian Obediences unites all initiatic organizations considering Masonic, and connecting their rituals with traditions of Ancient Egypt. Bodies can concern the similar organizations and Sanctuaries of rites Memphis-Mizraim, Mizraim-Memphis, Mizraim, Memphis and Cagliostro's Egyptian ritual.

The association is created for not-ritual dialogue, carrying out of joint conferences, lectures, white tables (agapes), etc. Also the Association management acquires the right to help for obediencies (to lodges and Sanctuaries) to build mutual relation, avoiding displaying not-brotherly behavior.

Separate lodges and the sanctuaries entering into Association, can conclude at will contracts about a mutual recognition and mutual ritual dialogue. At the same time membership in Association of it doesn't demand.

In the Association management, all Great Hierofants, Masters and the Grand Magisters heading of obedience enter into degrees not more low 95. The head of Association is appointed by voting no more than to a year, and changes annually.

Association decisions have recommendatory force. At the same time the association has the right to exclude from the numbers the organizations showing not-brotherly actions against bodies of Association (lodges or Sanctuaries).